Glasses For Blue Eyes

Colour is key when choosing your glasses; and I don't just mean the colour of the glasses. Skin colour, eye colour and any make-up can also significantly affect whether eyes are highlighted or hidden. Here's a couple of important things to remember if you've got blue eyes and wear glasses:

1. If you want to INTENSIFY the blue colour of your eyes try complementary cool tones of blue, turquoise, grey, silver and even white. 

Modo 4424 Blue Glasses
Caron Oh My Blue Glasses

2. If you want to BRIGHTEN the appearance of blue eyes opt for more orange tones of copper, coral or bronze.

FEB31st Elements Glasses UK Spexbox

3. If you want to COMPLEMENT blue eye colour try what's next on the colour wheel; greens or purples.

Eco Eyewear Ayon Green Glasses Spexbox UK
Petite round glasses UK Spexbox Purple

Of course this is a very simplified guide and doesn't take into account tone or texture with glasses (but hey, that's what the expert is for, right?). This also isn't an exact science, nor is this one-rule-fits-all advice. Experimentation is where the fun is, so the most important thing is to do just that; experiment and have fun with your glasses!

Got blue eyes and looking for some glasses inspiration? Check out this collection in our store or book your Styling Session for some expert advice.

Rebecca Thompson FBDO