bespoke eyewear

Nothing quite catching your eye?
So, you can visualise your perfect frames...and they're the perfect colour and the perfect shape - but you can't find them, or anything like them, anywhere.
No problem. We'll make them for you.
Bespoke frames, by Feb31st.
Collaborating with spectacular eyewear designers Feb31st, we're able to offer bespoke, made-to-order frames, crafted from sustainable wood and metal.
Whether you've always fancied creating your own pair of specs, or you're looking for something more unique - the possibilities for customisation are endless.
Total wood frames are made from 13 thin layers of wood, with numerous grain options - you're able to choose from four frame collections, comprising of 200 shapes. Metal and wood combination frames, and metal only frames are also available.
Tell us how you want to shape them, engrave them, colour them and any other details.
We'll take care of the rest.
Design your own frames:
It's simple.
1. Select your frame shape, and dictate size according to your face (our stylists will help).
2. Choose your colours - including front, back, layers in-between, and colour blocking.
3. Indicate your favourite arm type, as well as colour and length.
4. It's all in the details - get your frames engraved, or add rivets on the front.
Et Voila! Your bespoke, perfect pair of frames, made-to-order in just 6 weeks.
Ready to design your glasses?
P.S. Fancy going bespoke, but want chunky acetate frames instead? We do those too...