Face Shape & Skin Tone

If you’ve been wondering which shapes and styles of glasses will really suit you, identifying your face shape is a good place to start. These are not hard and fast rules, they are just guidelines; everyone is different and you may even be a combination of two (which can be a good thing – you’ll find even more styles to suit you!). Ultimately, what really matters is that your eyewear fits your face and personality beautifully. 
Your facial proportions are mostly balanced; chin slightly narrower than forehead and cheekbones are high. Oval faces actually suit most glasses shapes so be a little adventurous!



You have an angular face with a strong jaw line, broad forehead ad square chin. Your face is proportional in length and width. Start your search with slightly softer oval and round shapes or butterfly shaped glasses.



You have a narrow face that’s longer than it is wide. You’ll have angular features with high cheekbones, a longer nose and tall forehead. Deeper glasses will help create the illusion of a shorter face. Broad glasses with an accented top rim or decorative temple will add width to your face.


You have a broad forehead and wide cheekbones that narrow to a small chin. Try smaller styles with bottom-heavy features that add width to the lower face. 



You’re narrow at the eye line and jaw line with a small forehead and chin. You’ll have quite angular features with dramatic cheekbones (lucky you!). Try upswept cat eye styles that emphasise those cheekbones or oval styles that maintain balance. 



You have full cheeks, a rounded chin and few angles. The width and length of your face are the same proportions. You’ll really suit geometric and angular frames that sharpen facial features. Go for shapes that are wider than they are deep and upswept frames that draw attention to the top of the face.

A LOT of people think they have a round face shape but actually don’t, so if you’re not sure get in touch!



You’ll have a narrow forehead and eye line that widen at the cheeks and chin. Try some top-heavy styles that balance the width of the jaw and frames with bottoms that angle inwards. You can be bold.


Skin Tone

 It’s all very well knowing which shape of glasses will work for your face; but get the colour wrong and it will still be a disaster! You probably know which skin category you fit within, but just in case you’re not sure take a look at the veins on your wrist; if they appear a green hue it’s likely you’ll have a more olive or medium skin tone. If they are bluer in appearance then you’re likely to have a paler, cooler skin tone. If you have a darker skin then you’ll be able to be very adventurous with a range of colours, just bear in mind that it is possible to have darker skin and still have cooler undertones.

As with face shape, this is only a guide and how a frame colour looks against your skin can also be affected by hair colour and wardrobe choices; so if in doubt, contact the expert.

 Glasses colours for paler skin tones

Fair/Pale Skin

 Glasses colours for medium skin tones

Olive/Medium Skin

 Glasses colours for darker skin tones

Darker Skin

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