Hair Colour & Style

It won’t come as any surprise that your hair style and colour can influence the look of your glasses. There are so many variables here (especially if you like frequent changes with your hair), but here’s a few pointers to get you started:
It’s not about matching or clashing, it’s about finding colours that work together and complement your look as a whole. So that means considering your skin tone, hair colour, wardrobe choices, personality and the frame colour itself. 
Usually suits warmer shades; especially tortoise shell, red, deep pinks and blues. Might be better to avoid pale pastel colours.
This one very much depends on your skin tone too! A paler, natural blonde would work with softer colour shades, where a brighter blonde might need a bolder frame colour.
Goes particularly well with copper, shades of blue and green. Probably best to avoid yellow and a lot of white.
Rich, deep shades will add warmth; for example, red, tortoise shell and navy. Shorter and more angular hair styles often look great with monochrome frames.
Again, this depends on skin tone, but try a transparent crystal frame in various shades (green works well). Teal and aqua work well as a contrast.
Another one that depends on skin tone, but if this hair colour suits you’re probably in the pale skin tone bracket. Try plum and pink for contrast.
Hair long, short, up down, curly, straight, with fringe (or without); this is where it can get tricky. Our advice would be to make sure you try the frame with the two ways you usually wear your hair. If you haven’t got a fringe (and you’re planning on getting one), bear in mind that a high fitting frame with lots of detail on the brow may be hidden or may fight for space with your frame. If you have a very angular hair style, for example a short bob with blunt fringe, try and avoid very square shaped frames.
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