Size Guide

At Spexbox we’re all about finding the perfect pair (or pairs) of glasses. How they look is a big part of that, as is how they fit. Let’s be honest, if they don’t fit comfortably it doesn’t matter how good they look – they are not the perfect pair. Here’s a simple guide to sizing that will help make that search a little easier.

What Do The Numbers Mean?

There are 3 numbers (usually found inside the arm of the glasses) that you should pay attention to. You might see something like this:
 Glasses size guide
52  16  140
The first number tells you the width of the lens starting at the bridge of the nose (so this basically affects how wide the glasses are on your face).
The second is the width of the bridge (the gap where your nose goes).
The third is the length of the arm. It’s worth noting that the ideal length of the bend behind your ear is 35mm. If it’s a lot longer or shorter than this you will probably have issues with the fit of the glasses.
Take a look at the glasses you currently wear. If you are completely happy with how they fit, then use those numbers as a starting point. If not, then should you be looking for smaller or larger numbers? Still need help? Contact us.
To help you find your perfect pair, here’s how we have classified the sizing of glasses in our store using the first lens width number*:
Small 46-49
Medium 49-53
Large 53-55
X-Large 55+
*Although a frame might be categorised as 'Small' it may actually fit a larger face if it has a wide bridge size or the temples are set wide, so don't let that put you off trying something that you like. Remember, if you need advice just book your complimentary Frame Styling Appointment and we'll point you in the right direction! (We might even suggest some things you wouldn't have thought of...)